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Organise Your Business now with Sarvox

Explore All Sarvox CRM Features

What is Sarvox CRM?

Sarvox is a cloud based (Software-as-a-Service) Customer Relationship Management solution, which has wide range of modules and features for different industry sectors like Sales, Marketing, Support, Inventory Management, Team Collaboration & Project Management etc. This cloud based solution can automate your total business process and increase productivity by providing customized reports.

Sarvox is maintained by a dedicated team who has 9+ years of CRM experience in different industry sectors. We are continuously improving the product with additional features, plugins and addons that you can be benefited from.

How Sarvox CRM Is Different?

Are you tired of typical on demand CRM solutions? Are you tired managing your own CRM setup and struggling to manage it or enhance it? Then you are right place now. We are different from other CRM solutions with below set of features

  • Flexibility For Customization: Yes it is ondemand cloud CRM, but allows you to customize your CRM instance. We help you customize your solution through experienced developers.

  • Unlimited Users With Fixed Cost: We don't charge you per user, which becomes costly in long run, when your business grows. We bet no CRM offers this. We have pricing plan which offers unlimited users with minimal cost.

  • Support For Customization: You don't need to look for expensive CRM developers to customize or enhance your solution. We help you customize your solution through experienced developers and competitive cost.

  • Cost Effective: You don't need to pay for hosting cost, domain cost, or any maintenance cost. We own the solution for you, maintain it for you and you use it as per your usage.

  • Integration With Your Website: We provide development service for building integration components between your front end website and backend CRM, so that data can be easily pushed to CRM. In addition we do provide development service for your website too.

Our Mission And Vision

To enable every customers make best use of CRM and increase productivity through as much as automation possible.



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