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Organise Your Business now with Sarvox

Explore All Sarvox CRM Features

Do I really need CRM?

  • You have more than one employees working on same database? Then yes you need it. This cloud based CRM enables your employees to collaborate over internet and work on a common data set. Also it enables the employees and business to access the updated data, reports any time at any place.
  • Do you still work with Excel sheet, SQL Database or Outlook to run your business? Then yes you need this CRM. The SAAS based CRM solution gives wheel to your business to run faster and makes automation which generated productivity and in turn revenue.

Can I upload my existing data from the current system or excel to Sarvox CRM directly?

Yes Sarvox import feature enables you to migrate your old system or excel data to CRM easily in few minutes. It's easy to use too. In addition if you have a older application or CRM which does not satisfy your need, then our experienced developers can help you to migrate too.

How shall I get started with Sarvox?

Its damn easy. Select the package you would like to take from "Pricing" section of the website. Go for free trial of one month, if you like it get it updated. Isn't it Simple?

How do I upgrade after my free trial?

At the end of your free trial period, your service will automatically stop and you will get prompted to upgrade. Few simple button clicks will upgrade your CRM to paid version and you can continue using the CRM. Please note, upgrading from Free trial to paid, does keep all your data as it is.

You still have more queries? Please contact us through our "Contact Us" page.We are more than happy to help you with any other queries.



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