How Spenowr leverages Sarvox’s platform for its business

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In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance their operations and improve customer experiences. One such platform that has gained significant attention is Sarvox. This blog post delves into how Spenowr platform has leveraged Sarvox's Software-as-a-service platform to propel its business forward. Let's explore the exciting journey of this platform and the benefits it has reaped by incorporating Sarvox.

Understanding Sarvox

Sarvox’s platform leverages the latest technologies and integrates all major features that makes a platform complete to be a social commerce platform. Business owners can decide to build their own social commerce platform, but it will take them a few years and will also take a huge monetary investment. Sarvox is built on latest technologies such as Angular JS for Web front end, PHP for backend service layer, MySQL for centralized database and ReactNative for the Mobile App. The platform is hosted on AWS cloud and leverages several AWS services including its Artificial Intelligence capability for its integrations.

Case Study: Spenowr's Journey


Spenowr’s ( objective was to build a Social Commerce platform for Artists and Creative Products/Services, for which it found Sarvox as the perfect fit. Sarvox team partnered with Spenowr’s product team to customize some of the features for their need and also developed few custom modules.


Spenowr had established a very solid presence in the market and is growing rapidly. The following are some of the major features Spenowr leverages from the Sarvox platform.


  1. Feed Page that provides updates on user activities or latest creative content

  1. Artist professional page with online resume and 3D virtual exhibitions

It is a comprehensive and modern way for artists to showcase their work, credentials, and achievements in the digital realm. It combines various elements to create an engaging and immersive experience for artists, art enthusiasts, and gallery owners.

  • Artist Professional Page: This serves as the central hub for the artist's online presence.

  • Online Resume: An online resume allows the artist to showcase their education, professional experience, exhibitions, awards, and other relevant accomplishments. By providing this information, the artist builds credibility and trust with other artists.

  • 3D Virtual Exhibitions: Virtual exhibitions offer a unique and immersive way to display artwork online.

Spenowr leverages the power of the Sarvox to help artists showcase their talent, connect with a broader audience, and advance their artistic careers. It provides an innovative way to experience art and is an essential tool in today's digital age.


  1. Creative content as Quotes, Poems, Stories, Artworks etc.

Creative content, whether in the form of quotes, poems, stories, artworks, or other expressions, enriches artists lives by offering a wide range of emotional, intellectual, and artistic experiences. Spenowr serves as a means of personal expression, communication, and connection with others, leaving a lasting impact on both creators and audiences alike.

  1. E-commerce marketplace to sell Products

If you're looking to add videos to showcase your products, you can consider using various e-commerce platforms or content management systems that support video integration. One such platforms, such as Spenowr can use these platforms to upload videos that demonstrate your product's features, provide tutorials, or offer additional information to potential artists.